Sturbridge Tourist Association

The Sturbridge Tourist Association (STA) is a five member board appointed by the Town Administrator that acts as the fiduciary for a portion of the hotel/motel tax revenue collected in the Town of Sturbridge. The STA uses those funds to support community events that encourage tourism either through direct funding or by sponsoring marketing efforts. The STA also fund the position of Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator.

Since its inception the STA has worked to promote the Town of Sturbridge and to increase tourism to this community. The STA meets on a monthly basis to hear applications for funding and to discuss other matters relating to tourism in Sturbridge.

If you or your organization needs assistance in funding or promoting your event, please contact the Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator for more information on how the Sturbridge Tourist Association can help you.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Kevin Filchak, M.P.A. Economic Development / Tourism Coordinator

Board Members

Name Title
Brian Amedy Chair
Jeff Ardis Member
Nick Salvador Member
Dawn Merriman Member