Sturbridge Business Programs

Sturbridge offers a number of different programs for businesses here in Town. If you are a local business owners who would like to participate in any of these programs please contact our Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator (EDTC). Please be sure to update the EDTC if your contact information changes to ensure that we can keep providing you with accurate and up to date information.

Business Newsletters

Every month the Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator publishes a newsletter that is written for local business leaders. It covers issues of the day, ongoing projects, information on local and regional resources and more. It is publishes every month on the Town website. If you would like to receive these newsletters every month you can subscribe here

Business Tours

The Town Leadership wants to learn about the diverse range of businesses here in Sturbridge. They also want to have a productive and honest dialogue with owners about how their business is doing and what the Town can do to help. Business leaders can invite Town staff and elected officials to their business for a tour of the facilities and a discussion of their business. Interested parties can contact the Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator for more information or to arrange a tour. 

Event Newsletter

The Town of Sturbridge wants to highlight all of the various tourist related venues in Town. To that end the Town has created a monthly events newsletter that is shared with local hotels, restaurants, merchants and with regional partners to everyone aware of what opportunities are out there. These newsletters are published at the start of each month; those who wish to participate should email the name of their event, the time and location, and provide a short description for the event to the Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator the week before the last day of the month. All this information is then added to our newsletter, uploaded to our event calendar online at and added to our Twitter at @visitsturbridge

Sturbridge Business Breakfasts

In an effort to have a continuous dialogue with business leaders, the Town offers business breakfasts where topics of importance are discussed in an open forum. It is also an opportunity for businesses to voice their ideas, thoughts and concerns directly to appointed and elected officials in Town. Information about these events is pushed out a month ahead of each breakfast on this website.