Local Emergency Planning Committee

Sturbridge’s Local Emergency Planning Committee, or LEPC, was created to help monitor and enforce the EPA’s Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA). According to the EPA this act, “[…] requires industry to report on the storage, use and release of hazardous substances to federal, state, and local governments.” In Sturbridge the LEPC monitors these reports provided under EPCRA and among its members works collectively to ensure the Town is safely enforcing EPCRA and is prepared for any eventuality involving chemical emergencies. You can learn more about EPCRA and the LEPC’s role in enforcing the law by clicking here

Beyond the enforcement of EPCRA, the LEPC has a larger mandate to help the Town prepare for any and all hazards that could befall it. As it is made up of representatives from all sectors, the LEPC is able to provide for and participate in complete and comprehensive planning for the whole community. It does this through the maintenance of its Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP), drills and exercises, and through community outreach.

This website is designed to help residents and business owners mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from any and all hazards that could befall them. As a community we are safer when our citizens and businesses are prepared for any eventuality. 

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Barbara Barry, CMMT, CMMC
Dave Demings Community Emergency Response Team
Deb Boyd Tantasqua Regional School District
Earl Dessert Police Lieutenant
Jean M. Bubon, AICP
John A. Grasso, Jr.
John Marinelli Lieutenant, Fire/EMS
Kevin Filchak, M.P.A.
Kristen Jerome Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
Mark Augello
Nelson Burlingame
Rebecca Gendreau
Thomas Ford Emergency Managment Director/Police Chief
Wendy McRoy Transportation
Jeff Bridges