Why Sturbridge?

Facts and information about what Sturbridge has to offer your business
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Sturbridge is a community with many assets and amenities that will make it a wonderful place for your business and as a home for your employees. Here is a brief snapshot of our community:

Land & Population

  • Population - 10,128 as of April 2018
  • Median Age - 43.1
  • Total Area - 38.9 square miles
  • 6,000 acres of preserved open space land and 9 dedicated trail areas in Town
  • Easy acces to the Mass Pike, Route 84, Route 20, and Route 131
  • 5 major lakes and waterways


  • Host of the largest outdoor history museam in the northeast: Old Sturbridge Village 
  • Over 500* businesses in all sectors
  • 14 Hotels 
  • 40+ restaurants
  • 3 craft breweries 
  • Tax Incentives available (click here for information)
    • Over $10 million of local investment in 2017 thanks to three projects supported through Tax Incentives (Arland Tool and Manufacturing, Holiday Inn Express, and Publick House) 
  • Conference venues that can host several hundred participants, many also cater
  • Experience hosting hundreds of meetings, weddings, and conferences ever year
  • Regular opportunities for continuing education through the Town's Business Classes program
  • Regular breakfast with fellow business owners and Town officials to discuss local issues through the Town's Business Breakfast program

Public Services, Infrastructure, & Community Amenities

  • Schools - Burgess Elementary School; Tantasqua Regional Jr. High School & High School 
  • Full time Police and Fire Department
  • Senior Center
  • Public Library
  • Public water and sewer on Main Street and extending beyond 
  • Over 30 miles of hiking trails and growing!
  • Free access to Old Sturbridge Village for all residents of the Town
  • Sturbridge Farmers Market - Sundays during summer and early fall
  • Local activities and events offered through our business commnity 
  • Year round activities through the Recreation Department (concerts, trips, sports leagues, etc.) 
  • Approximatley $145,000 available in FY 2020 for community events in Sturbridge through the Sturbridge Tourist Association's funding program

Valuation & Taxes**

  • Commercial Valuation - $141,013,194
  • Industrial Valuation - $28,984,052
  • Personal Property Valuation - $44,188,800
  • Residential Valuation  - $920,569,610
  • Total Assessed Value - $1,135,803,129
  • Tax Rate FY 2018 - 19.44 (Commercial & Residential)

      These are just a few of the many wonderful things that you and your employees will find here in Sturbridge. There is even more to see and explore here in Town. If you would like further information or have questions, please contact our Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator

      *Includes brick and mortar locations and home occupations, click here for business directory

      **Data from Massachusetts Department of Revenue