Trail Closures Leadmine Mountain Conservation Area and Hein’s Farm

Please note that between November 10, 2021 and November 24, 2021, portions of the Hein’s Farm and sections of the Leadmine property will be closed for work. It is not anticipated that all areas will be closed for the duration of that time. Trails and parking areas will be posted appropriately.

Hein’s Farm: The trails and the parking lot at 197 Leadmine Road will be closed completely while work is occurring on that property. Anticipated dates of work Nov. 10th – Nov. 17th.

Leadmine Mountain: Pogus Trail will be closed; Arbutus Park Trail closed just west of the Knife Edge Trail, 7 Ridges closed just prior to Arbutus Park Trail. Anticipated dates of work Nov. 10th – Nov. 24th.

We will update the public as the project progresses. We ask that you do not enter the work areas. We appreciate your cooperation.