Corona Virus Cleanup

The Town of Sturbridge would like to invite all residents and businesses to participate in our one time only “Corona Virus Cleanup 2020”.
This is an unprecedented time in our lives. People are stressed by the virus, all the restrictions and we really need some relief. We need to get out and enjoy the milder weather as much as possible while keeping our distance from each other until this situation passes. As we get out we can’t help notice the tremendous amount of trash, bottles, cans and nips that have been carelessly discarded in our neighborhoods over the winter. It would make an extreme impact if everyone, while out enjoying the sunshine would pick up just one small bagful of debris. This is a perfect time as many people are home from work and school. The traffic should be much less than usual. Also the leaves have not yet returned effectively hiding all the debris
Here’s how it will work:
• You can contact the DPW at [email protected] and let them know the number of bags you’d like. The DPW has several boxes of the MADOT yellow bags available. These bags are not too big and have two handles and a tie attached to each bag.
• The DPW will wrap up the bags into a small roll and drop them at the end of your driveway so there will be no contact with the driver.
• On your next walk you can pick up whatever you see and when the bag is full, simply tie it off and leave it right where you finished. You can request bags repeatedly as needed but please don’t order more that you’ll use. Then comment the location of the bag and the DPW will pick it up.
• Bright clothing is recommended and you should always wear gloves if possible.
• Also let us know what streets you picked so we can keep a log.
• The DPW, Water and Sewer will also be out periodically helping out.
The Town would like to thank, in advance, anyone who participates! For additional contact or questions you can email [email protected].

Thank you!